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Title: Beginnings
Summary: His first dreamer is fifty five years old and lies that his name is David.
Character(s): Yusuf
Word Count: c. 650.
Rating: G.
Warnings: none.

The first dreamer is fifty five years old and lies that his name is David.Collapse )

This is for kepp0xy because I promised her I would do some fic writing and sort of never did. It's unbetaed and unproofed and probably riddled with the spelling errors and typos you get when it's about two hours after your bedtime. It's ok, you don't have to tell me! Not at all based on any episodes, so unspoilery for Merlin.

Fives Times Gwen Said "I Love You"
Five Times Gwen said "I Love You"Collapse )

...I like this. Most. The pairings don't have to be romantic, necessarily. Just a bond. I am happy with most anything. The date out of order function is being annoying right now, so apologies for this on your f'list.

Fandoms, characters and pairings.Collapse )

What Merlin character am I most like?

heather did it and now so must I... (btw, I feel like a fandom!stalker now - I've possibly spoken to some of you on DW, not here, where I have a different username- londonparticular, if any of you are just dropping by to see who it is who has commented. Because I answered this meme and totally forgot about the username thing).

Title: To a Lady in his Shield
Author: [info]and_i
Rating: G
Character(s)/Ship(s): Gwen, Lancelot, Elaine of Astolat, Arthur (Gwen/Arthur, Gwen/Lancelot, Elaine/Lancelot exist and are referenced, but this is a gen fic)
Warnings/Notes: Futurefic.
Spoilers: For 2x04, not explicit.

To a Lady in his ShieldCollapse )

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For the Gwen Prompt Battle, Winter 2009 at thefuturequeen.

Prompt: 096c. Gwen/Nimueh, bargains

BargainsCollapse )

For FanArt prompt: Gwen, short for Guinevere. Header (3 variations), wallpaper (3 sizes), 3 icons.


things hereCollapse )

Forgive me, f'list, for putting this here. I have nowhere else to put it and I wanted to formalise some thoughts that have been brewing.

Thoughts on Colourblind Casting in Merlin
Or I'm finally a fucking princess*.

"...A lot of the time when "We cast the best person for the job!" is used, it"s used as a shorthand to deflect any complaints about not casting out of the traditional White Hero mould..."Collapse )

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